Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Great Glass Fun

My first paperweight!! The Art Glass Assn. of Southern California offered its members an opportunity to try a hot glass workshop on paperweight making. I've always been drawn to glory holes like a moth to flame. I couldn't pass up this chance to work with hot glass! It was a great experience. Micheal Hermann and Gina Lunn are glassblowers with a studio at Nottingham Center for the Arts Check out their amazing glasswork! They have a few openings for another paperweight making workshop Nov. 15. They will also be doing a Make Your Own Ornament/Float Workshop before Christmas.

My paperweight hot

Teri's hot

Into glory hole

Jarred and Gina shaping


Cutting hot glass!

Marvering table

Gina reheating glass

Micheal working glass

Adding color

Annette adding color

Teri and Gina shaping


freebird said...

That is so neat. It's nice to be able to try something that takes so much equipment somewhere before buying it all. Your paperweight came out very pretty.

Margaret Ann said...

Glass really is "liquid life"...looked like wonderful fun...super great photos!

BMoon said...

Hi Lyn
I just got back last week from a trip to upstate NY, and going to the Corning Glass Museum was one of the highlights. If you haven't been there, you MUST someday.

Great blog, love your drawings of cats, and those cacti are fab, too.