Thursday, June 04, 2009

Netherlands Horse Rescue and New Wire Sculpture

I was so moved by the Netherlands Horse Rescue I thought I should create some artwork that would somehow share the emotion. About 200 horses were trapped on a tiny island for days after terrible flooding. Four women rode out into the cold water and the herd followed them back to dry land! These are some sketches in glass before firing, the finished glass is too stiff in the large piece, I will continue to work with the idea.

Here is the finished wire sculpture of Comedy and Tragedy, 8" x 10" done for one of the visitors to the Ramona Studio Tour

The 3" x 4" wire sketch:

Monday, June 01, 2009

Ramona Art Guild Show

My entries in the Ramona Art Guild Show
I haven't got a good picture of this one yet or a stand I like। You can see the different colors from different views.

This one is fun. My fish got allot of intrest at the Ramona Studio tour and the Art Glass Guild Patio Sale. I be making Fish Mobiles!

I hope some of you will come see the show, go to: or click on Ramona Art Guild Show title to get more information.