Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EDM challenge #155 #29 and #50

This challenge #155, Draw something with a step or steps, I thought I'd give a try. I did not want to have to deal with the accuracy of architecture so I thought the stone steps would work. Started too low on the page and ended up filling the page with the door and deck as well. So it also fits the #29 Draw something architectual and # 50 Draw your entryway challenges. We built the studio in the early 80's. Added the plasma cut steel door and deck and stone steps later. I took a ROP welding class and the plasma cutter was just a great discovery. I wish we had one, I use Oxygen - aceytelene to cut the stainless steel horses on my webpage. http://lynfeudner.com/
I added the photo because the 6B graphite stick on cardstock looked so dreary. Its wisteria that grows over the door now, have had grapevines, and morning glories at different times.
Hope my information and links are back up on top they are at the bottom on the last 2 posts?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pendant lost in yesterdays post

This etched Dichroic fused glass pendant got lost in yesterdays post! My links to past posts dissappeared too. My information is at the bottom rather than the top of the post yesterday also.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

EDM challenge #154 and some new pendants

Hum, somehow I deleated the green pendant and earrings so my words are out of order?? Well here they are again! ( I've tried 4 times to straighten this out, you'll have to figure how it was supposed to be if it isn't right this time) This Pendant and earrings are a little different than others I've done, they have the embedded silver I have also melted the end of the wire and hammered it flat.

Little watercolor, the first one I've done in my fold up skechbook Nina suggested. I'll take a picture when I have a few more done.

These 2 pendants have very detailed etching in the dichroic glass.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

San Diego Watercolor Society Paintout

San Diego Watercolor Society's meeting was at a friends in Ramona today. Beautiful spot, over 30 artists, a demo by Stan Goudy and later in the day a critique.
I have not been doing much work in watercolor but jumped right in and attempted water! I spent most of my time hiking around the rocks. Had less than an hour to paint. I was pleased they looked like water!

Here is the spot I worked from, the paintings were a bit brighter than they appear. Fun way to spend half a day.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

EDM challange #149 and unique glass

EDM Challange #149 Draw a broom
We have several brooms aroundI chose to invent some.
This piece of glass has some metal between the layers of glass, it made some very interesting bubbles. Interested enough to make a guess? I'll have to check my records to find out what it was. I'm planning on adding it to some new jewelry work. The higher the magnification the more bubbles in bubbles you see.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year challenges #15, 16, 33, and 52 and new webpage!

EDM challenge #15 Draw trees leavea or branches

This year I'm going to post more! It rained, a break from debris cleanup, holidays over back to
ART work. I made a long awaited webpage! Please take a look and offer suggestions:
EDM #52 Draw a Dog
Quick sketches of dogs of the past.
Five, a Giant Schnauzer on gaurd duty

Maisy, a sweet Jack Russell Terrier

EDM #33 Draw an eye

This is one of a series I did of reflections in a horses eye

I hope to post more often this year!
EDM #16 Draw your favorite tool This was a horsehead hammer I thought of once...it would have been my favorite.