Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year challenges #15, 16, 33, and 52 and new webpage!

EDM challenge #15 Draw trees leavea or branches

This year I'm going to post more! It rained, a break from debris cleanup, holidays over back to
ART work. I made a long awaited webpage! Please take a look and offer suggestions:
EDM #52 Draw a Dog
Quick sketches of dogs of the past.
Five, a Giant Schnauzer on gaurd duty

Maisy, a sweet Jack Russell Terrier

EDM #33 Draw an eye

This is one of a series I did of reflections in a horses eye

I hope to post more often this year!
EDM #16 Draw your favorite tool This was a horsehead hammer I thought of would have been my favorite.


Col said...

Love the little Jack Russel; the lines, the pose, everything.

PamYla said...

Awesome drawings! I also love the metal in glass!

juj said...

Love the line work on your little dogs...Simple and beautiful.