Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EDM #259 and more Cat and Kitten Sketches LOST! Had to repost!!

Flurry, a kitten we got around Christmas on one of her first times outside outside, saw the horses and began stalking them. Had to give a try at capturing the moment..... funny stuff!

Fatcat or Spotessa napping

These two I have done in wire.

Spotessa, Flurry and Zeus sleeping, they have sure grown since I did this drawing!

Sadie didn't want to be left out!

While trying to delete an anonymous post I deleted the whole post!! Thanks to all of you who made such nice comments. I'll try to repost the sketches as soon as I have time!
If anyone knows if it could be recovered let me know! < gave up on the recovery
Here are the sketches and challenge: