Friday, October 24, 2008

20 more cats...2 for the kiln

Glass powder cat should look siamese when fired

Hope these 2 turn out!

Sneakers (on the left) helped me with this one

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Art Glass Guild of Southern California's Patio Sale and Show

Saturday&Sunday • October 11 & 12, 2008 10am to 5pm
Spanish Village Art Center,
Balboa Park 1770 Village Place •
SanDiego,CA 92101
All forms of Art Glass, including blown, fused, torch worked, stained glass, cast, etched, mosaic and more will be featured. Over 30 juried glass artists of the Art Glass Association of Southern California will be showcased. Demonstrations in studios #25 and #9.
Directions: The Patio Sale is located at Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park, between the San Diego Zoo and the Natural History Museum, just off Park Blvd.on Village Place.The Art Glass Guild is in Studio 25 in Spanish Village Art Center.
For more information call 619 702 8006
or visit

New jewelry created for the Patio Sale, I was hoping to get a load of large glass done as well. The 100'+ weather is hampering my efforts! I've heard this is the largest display of Art Glass in Southern Calif. I'm sharing my spot with glass blower Ann Mitchell. Stop by if you are in the area!
Fused Glass Pendants
Bird of paradise sold!

Glass Pendant,Tropical Etched Dichroic

Etched Dicroic Hihiscus Glass Pendant

Glass Pendant,2 layers Etched Dichroic, Trees

Fused Glass Pendant with Fine Silver bail Embedded between the layers of Glass, Matching earrings still need earring wires.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

One Hundred Cats, first 30

After drawing one hundred hands, one hundred horses, thought I'd work on some cats! Working on that many sketches makes you familiar with the subject. These were from a childrens book about cats, it was great to see the skeleton!

Siamese nice pose, I should develope this into something more than a quick sketch!
Cats run and jump

Cat flip and Sneakers helping me draw

Cats and skeletons

7 1/2 cats

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Great Glass Fun

My first paperweight!! The Art Glass Assn. of Southern California offered its members an opportunity to try a hot glass workshop on paperweight making. I've always been drawn to glory holes like a moth to flame. I couldn't pass up this chance to work with hot glass! It was a great experience. Micheal Hermann and Gina Lunn are glassblowers with a studio at Nottingham Center for the Arts Check out their amazing glasswork! They have a few openings for another paperweight making workshop Nov. 15. They will also be doing a Make Your Own Ornament/Float Workshop before Christmas.

My paperweight hot

Teri's hot

Into glory hole

Jarred and Gina shaping


Cutting hot glass!

Marvering table

Gina reheating glass

Micheal working glass

Adding color

Annette adding color

Teri and Gina shaping