Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fused Glass Earrings, Copper necklace, Cat Sketches

Fused Dichroic Glass and Silver Earrings
These were made for an artist friend in trade for a beautiful pastel painting she did of our dog Sadie

Copper necklace. I enjoy the forming and hammering, having the joints makes for a better fit. The first one that was one piece had to be fit to each neck.

I've been surprised that the copper necklaces lay flat and are comfortable to wear.

Quick sketches of new cat Spotessa or "Fatcat" She is quite a charactor I plan a little book about her coming to her new home.

Not long after we got her we were given 2 kittens. She didn't like them at first, now she enjoys them and they play.

She REALLY didn't like Sadie when they met, now they are getting along fine!