Monday, June 20, 2011

Glass Sketchbook

Just got a 7 page glass book done in time for Helen Wilson's class show.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wire Sculpture Demo!

Here is the the link to more information about the Wire Sculpture Workshop

I've been asked to do a Wire Sculpture Workshop for The Ramona Art Guild!  I did a wire sculpture demo for RAG  in Nov. of 2009, here is a link to the slideshow I did at that time Wire sculpture
If you enter wire in the search area in the upper left of the blog you will see more of my wire creations.  This should be allot of fun.  I have some ideas for very simple mobiles and turning a contour drawing into wire sculpture.  I will have a station for forming of the wire. Hammering is good for the soul! I will provide several types of wire to work with.  You are welcome to bring some of your own if you've been saving it for "something".

If you've ever looked at something made with wire and wondered if you could do it yourself, here is a chance to explore some of the possibilities of working with wire!