Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EDM challenge #155 #29 and #50

This challenge #155, Draw something with a step or steps, I thought I'd give a try. I did not want to have to deal with the accuracy of architecture so I thought the stone steps would work. Started too low on the page and ended up filling the page with the door and deck as well. So it also fits the #29 Draw something architectual and # 50 Draw your entryway challenges. We built the studio in the early 80's. Added the plasma cut steel door and deck and stone steps later. I took a ROP welding class and the plasma cutter was just a great discovery. I wish we had one, I use Oxygen - aceytelene to cut the stainless steel horses on my webpage. http://lynfeudner.com/
I added the photo because the 6B graphite stick on cardstock looked so dreary. Its wisteria that grows over the door now, have had grapevines, and morning glories at different times.
Hope my information and links are back up on top they are at the bottom on the last 2 posts?