Saturday, March 01, 2008

Postcard to Anita and Spring photo's

My postcard to Anita not quite complete, I added another branch and more birds. I really enjoyed working small, it didn't take the time commitment and very little space. I plan to work even smaller down to the ACEO's 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch size.
This last 2 weeks have been extreme weather wise here. Nicely spaced showers have turned the black and grey fire burned mountainsides from brilliant green to golden orange and purple pink with wildflowers. This is especially spectacular after 7 years of way below our moderate 12 to 14 inch average rainfall. We had SNOW down to 1500 feet Vanentines day! That actually stayed on the ground! This happens only once every 20 to 30 years. It was strange to see this valley surrounded 3/4 around with snow covered mountains.

Aleo Vera flower and plant, spectacular this year!

Sure sign of spring.

California cats don't see enough rain! Sneaker's occupied himself for a long time chasing raindrops down front and back windshields.


Billa-Song said...

hello Lyn have just been touring through your Blog
I LOVE your cats in the Sunset
im impressed by your figure drawing Heads only( especially as they are from lfe drawing
I LOVE your dog sketh
Lots of good work!
Tewa fromEDM

Anonymous said...

I visited to see your postcard "in progress" and look forward to see it finished. But then I revisited your wire sculptures and just had to tell you how much I love the face! Calcer's wires are among my favorite museum pieces and I could imagine any of your face sketches transformed into wire.

Anonymous said...

Meant to type CALDER'S sculptures. I can't believe my typing is so bad sometimes!

Ann said...

Very nice postcard! How in the world did you get all those cats to pose in those sunset photos ;) Great pictures!

Anita Davies said...

It's looking wonderful
Well, you surely knew I would peek right? LOL!
Do I get the orange too?

lyn said...

Thank you Tewa! The heads only were posted because I didn't know if there is a nudity guideline at EDM. I organize a monthly group that hires a model for 3 hours, its great practice. Ann, the cats come when I call the proplem is when I back away to take the picture they get off the fence to come with me! There would be 7 or 8 if they would stay. Shirley, I love any comparison with Calder, The wire is a very different medium the thickness and soft or hardness makes allot of difference. Wire sculptures wiggle with life, its fun! I'm going to take my thickest wire, (1/8th inch) and try to make a large eye, how much it will bend will dictate the size.
Anita I'd be happy to send the orange if it would fit in the envelope. The tree is planted right by the house to keep it warm we had an orchard of citris the first 7 years we lived here, then a hard frost killed them all. My son in law did not know if this and bought a mini orange, probably 10 years ago, I've kept it covered and it has done well. Last year we had a hard frost and it lost all its leaves and we thought it was gone but its back with small leaves and small oranges, my favorite fruit! Looking forward to what you will send.