Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Art Glass Assosiation of Southerm California's Annual Show

My entry in the " wearable " catagory at the AGASC show click title for more information. I'm late on this announcement, the reception is next Friday Nov. 6th. I sat the show yesterday, as always some great art glass to see! I got a 3rd place for my "wearable" entry pictured below. Show ends Nov. 15th. I went to the Calder jewelry exhibit at the Museaun of Art,Balboa Park, San Diego. People keep comparing my new wire work to Calder"s (Thats very nice!!) its worth the visit. I appreciate the work looking so handmade!
My glass work is always available at Studio 25, Spanish village

My entry in the kilnformed catagory, a glass interpretation of an old watercolor.

Last springs poppy......post needed some color!


Laura said...

Wow lyn, your stuff is beautiful. I'll be checking in here from now on. Good luck with your etsy shop. I have a feeling, with work this beautiful, you will do very well. Thanks for stopping by my blog, tardy as I am in posting.

Laura Bray said...

Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my mom's blog. It made her day to your kind words about my newsletter. Congrats on the Etsy shop-I can't wait to see it. Be sure to drop me a line when it's open-my mom likes you stuff and I'm always looking for gifts for her.