Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sunset Subject

The colors in the recent sunsets have been inspiring! This mound of rocks has an opening that catches the light. I've thought of painting it so many times.


Linda said...

I really enjoyed looking at your site. You do beautiful work and I am impressed with the the different things you have tried. I would love to see a dove in one of your pieces. I will show you a necklace I have and maybe you can try it. Thanks for sharing. Linda

lyn said...

Thank you very much! Now I'm interested in what you have in mind? I try to be like a leaf in the wind and follow requests. With the jewelry that has worked well. The first place I displayed my jewelry was at a horse show. Someone requested a frog. I did 4 to insure a good one, and found frogs are a popular subject! A platinum dove with 24K sprig......or I have powders in white...hum...what are you thinking?