Tuesday, June 10, 2008

EDM #2 Draw a Lamp

This lamp adorns one of the incredible buildings in the home and studio complex designed by James Hubbell http://www.hubbellandhubbell.com/ The Art Glass Association of Southern California toured his complex last Saturday. I had previously seen his work on a PBS special and some of his stained glass and art work in galleries. The buildings, sculpture and glass work are just amazing, there is so much attention to detail, every doorknob and hinge are unique. I have asked permission to share my photos of his amazing place and I plan to make a slideshow or have them on my Flicker page. I am so inspired by the visit! I would highly recomend taking the once a year tour offered next weekend. Details on his website.


peachtreeart said...

I read your email and no wonder you are so excited about this guys lamps...and your excitment shows in the wonderful rendition you drew!

peachtreeart said...
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