Monday, June 16, 2008

Cactus Monday and Question about Lost Comments

Cactus Monday came around fast! I had seen huge white blooms while driving and did not make it back to photograph. This was done very quickly from memory. Ballpoint pen and watercolor. I know cactus blooms don't last long so I took a drive back to see if any blooms were remains unopened, I'll check today to see if it has bloomed!


lyn said...

The comments I thought I lost are back!!??

Anetka said...

wow, the cactus looks like it's surrounded by a morning fog!!

freebird said...

Like your cactus. It looks very prickly like it should but it looks natural which I find hard to get when I do them. It's certainly not hard to get stuck though where I live - in the middle of the desert! lol