Sunday, June 08, 2008

EDM # 164 Draw a camera

Tried to improve by straightening the left side.... I see more problems. Oh Well

Shades of grey pitt pens, they have a nice flexible point, too much like felt tip pens. They don't blend well and dot if you stop. Awkward 'lil sketch.


no way said...

That looks like my camera? Is it the Canon S3 IS? And I agree with you on the Pitt Pens-a bit of a drawback. (A drawback...heh heh.)

Still, nice work!

lyn said...

Its the S1 IS if I needed a new one I'd buy yours. Its been a great camera, flawless. I left it out in a rainstorm not long after its purchase, had no effect?? The only improvement I'd look for in a new one is a better flip out screen, I think thy are better out in the sunlight now and bigger. The 10X optical zoom was the feature I was looking for, even zoomed out at 32X (digital zoom)riding down the road,I can get a good enough picture for reference. The S3 has 12X optical zoom?

SCquiltaddict said...

I dont like the pitt pens much either and i have about 30 of them...really need to get rid of them i guess...nice job for an uncooperative medium