Friday, May 14, 2010

100 dogs

Found some old reference photos of Dogs and after seeing Roz's daily dots, drawings of her dog for I think 5 years.  I was inspired to do 100 hands, horses and cats.  She wondered when I would do 100 dogs!  Now that I've found the puppy pics and pictures of the dogs that visited  The Art Glass Guilds Patio Sale  I'm going to start!  These first 2 are on buckling paper after mowing grass too long so I'll have lots of room for improvment... its a start....


nanke's stuff said...

These are so cute! I just love dogs .... I can't say that often enough! nancy

DJ said...

Holy watercolors, Batman!
You did those AFTER working in the yard?????
They're awesome, Lyn!
Geez, get those babies unbuckled and get 'em into a frame.
(Uh- I say it politely:
"Why, those are lovely, dear. More, please, when you've rested.")

Alex said...

They really remind me of chinese ink painting. Awesome!

Arty Velarde said...

I like your dogs Lyn! especially these with the shading.