Friday, May 21, 2010

Prints from Printmaking workshop

Eye of the Cat
This is a photo I thought of working from in Helen Wilson's  Printmaking workshop today.  Our printer is not working so I worked from some older photo's I had.  My first thought was to print from some very old copper plates from college.  After trying that for too long I did a drypoint etching on plexiglass.

Each print has little differences, the wiping off of the ink is critical to the outcome.
I was photographing in poor lighting.  Thats why they are all different colors!

Also tried embossing with one of my little wire sculptures. I'm very impressed with the detail.   I worried it would dry flatter.....they seem to be fine!  I'll have to try daylight photos!

One AP or artist proof and 6 prints.  In daylight the prints differ, partly from wiping and in part because of the different paper used.  Very fun thing to do!

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raena said...

What fun experiments! Both of these turned out wonderful! Really like the embossed look from your wire sculpture.

Shirley said...

I LOVE both - but especially your embossed wire sculpture.

Alex said...

awesome job with the cat and the eyes. And the embossing work, it surely looks like a lot of fun there.

Dan Kent said...

I think the cat etching is wonderful!

Janene said...

Good job on the etching and embossing. Etching sounds really interesting--I'll have to learn more about it. The cat is great!