Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dog # 36 of 100 Dogs and Every Day in May Challenge #101 Soap

Last May I tried to post every day and also to start another series of 100 dogs! This year I've joined an online group The challenge #101 ia a bar of soap so I've added a bar! I've completed 100 Hands, Horses and Cats1!
Here is Dog #36
 I have photographed the dogs that visit the Art Glass Guilds Patio Sales:
This is a dog that visited the October sale.
The Show and Sale is coming up next weekend!
I am working on glass too!


debra morris said...

Lovely sketch Lyn, like how you've combined the two

Alex said...

Such a cutie! =) Love the expression

Sasa said...

Clever of you to add the soap! Great idea to draw those dogs, this one looks a bit bored :-)

meegan said...

very cute. i also like your comment about dogs and power plugs dont mix.

lyn said...

Some of these are hard to combine,the soap was an easy one!