Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dog # 70 to 75 and Every Day in May #131. 30. 29, 26 and #3e

I checked the whole month and I'm 5 dogs short of  a dog a day!  My challenge was really just to continue the 100 dog drawings I started last year and now have completed 69 sketches.  The last 17 I did so fast they will not apply to the count. I tried to do one a minute.  The exercise of repeditive drawing  allows you to focus on the most  simple structure of the dog. Without any reference at least 12 of them were convincing dogs, perhaps not a recognisable breed, It was good  practice 31 more dogs does not seem that distant.

How about 100 faces with just one line?

Oh yes the 5 remaining challenges.  I have wire people dancing for #129 Now that I've looked at the live sponges I'd like to do a colorful watercolor of them for #126, I have to look up #103 ( how did I miss that one so soon?)  I can do #'s 130 and 131 to night yet!

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