Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dog #71 and EDinMay #129 People

Very quick dog sketch,
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Ruca said...

I'd say this is a great Great Dane. Is the 100 Dogs thing just you or is it a webwide phenomenon that I missed somehow?

Ruca in Portugal

lyn said...

Oh! I checked your blog Ruca....didn't realize you ARE a dog! The little video is very funny! Great photo's of your friends! I like your artwork as well.
The dog in the sketch was "Five" a giant schnauzer, my sister raised them for awhile.
The 100 dogs is just something I challenges myself with, it started with 100 hands, ( who doesn't need practice with that) Then I was sketching small jewelry sized horses for my gold on black jewelry work and had half of that 100 done. Got some kittens, a fat rescue cat and started drawing them at night rather than reading. 100 cats!
You would probably like :
She drew her dog everyday for 5 years!
Any good ideas for the next 100?

Ruca said...

What a great way to challenge yourself. Hmmm. The next 100. You seem to gravitate to nature so how about 100 birds? Or maybe out of your comfort zone would be 100 buildings or 100 cars?

Yes, I subscribe to ROz's blog. She's amazing!